Meet Jeremy Gay

Jeremy Gay served as a United States Marine Corps Officer and Judge Advocate. While on active duty, Jeremy investigated and prosecuted felony criminal offenses as well as advised and defended service members. Jeremy also managed a legal assistance office protecting service members, veterans, and their families from consumer fraud and predatory lenders. As a Special Assistant United States Attorney, Jeremy trained and assisted federal law enforcement officers in investigating and prosecuting crimes. Jeremy resides in Gallup with his wife and six children where he manages a private law firm dedicated to serving the needs of families, local businesses, and the surrounding community.

on the issues

Protect New Mexico

Under the current leadership, New Mexico’s crime rate has grown into a crisis impacting individuals and businesses throughout the state. New Mexico has become one of the most dangerous states to live in due to the unprecedented rise in crime. Despite the consistent rise in violent crimes and crimes against personal property, there has been no effective strategy or focus to make New Mexico a safer state.

Defend Law Enforcement 

New Mexico has become a dangerous state to serve as a law enforcement officer. These men and women who serve and protect the lives and property of our communities, have unjustly been labeled and blamed as the “problem” even while professionally and respectfully carrying out their duties. Law enforcement and the people of New Mexico deserve an Attorney General who will fight to keep police well funded and well trained to best serve their communities.

Guard Our Borders

New Mexico has many challenges to overcome on our path to a safer and more prosperous place to live.  A weak border policy sends a message to cartels, drug smugglers, and human traffickers that New Mexico is an open door to the United States with easy access to vulnerable communities. An open border does not simply invite drug trade and human trafficking into New Mexico, it also increases the demand in the economy of criminal activity.


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